Great Memories:​                                            

​​​​ We had the privilege of purchasing Ace from Sheryl Orange as a pup in 2004, one of the greatest purchases, we ever made regarding a Brittany. I have been breeding good dogs for over thirty years and Ace topped all other male dogs I have ever owned or been around.

​ He was ever so smart, easy to train, very obedient, had natural stance for the show ring, had he been shown. Ace did all that is expected from a good Brittany hunting dog. Did it all natural, just had to hone his natural skills. He seemed to pass those natural skills along to his offspring. Seldom ever had to raise our voice to him, and when we did it seemed to break his heart that he had disappointed us.

​ Ace was the first dog we ever had that arrested my wife's attention. Ace just stole her heart, and she could not say no to him! She would allow him to come in the house and go wherever he pleased! It was hard not to be jealous of Ace and her friendship.

​ When he worked a field for birds, don't bother to follow him to check for other birds , there were not any, unless they flew in behind us! He was very methodical in how he covered a field, he did not just run until he happened to pick up a scent. He systematically covered a field with purpose in mind. Ace was the only dog that seemed to be able to read my mind as to what I wanted him to do and that can be a little unnerving!

​ Ace was the son of NCF/DC/AFC Gambler's Ace In The Hole x DC Bet'n She'll Fly JH this litter produced some other great Brittany's also. Thanks Cheryl for blessing us with Ace.

​It will be hard for another dog to meet all that Ace did for us, however we have been blessed with another great prospect in Asa.

​​​​​Lone Star Brittany's

​​Lone Star's Ace:

​​-Sire: NFC/DC/AFC Gamblers Ace in the Hole 

-Dam: DC Bet'n She'll Fly JH.   

-His first Brittany Puppy field trial in a field of 28, he came in 3rd after only 4 weeks of training!