Lacy is one of Lone Star Ace's daughters and she wrote the book on bird hunting.  She will find the birds, its up to  you to shoot them. Her litter mates have all turned out to be great bird dogs and companions.

Lone Star's Annie:

Annie is a new addition to our breeding program.   Annie is expected to become one of our breeding females, in 2018.   She shows great promise as a great hunting companion as well as a good producer of hunting companions.  Annie is a great grand daughter of  Lone Star's Ace, our great sire of the past days.


A great hunting companion and great producer of good hunting companions.   She is also the mother of  Lone Star's Trademark. She is a daughter of a Dual Champion son of FC/AFC The Time Machine.


Is a good looking daughter of a CH Donmar's Movin Semper FI  JH  and the great grand daughter of NFC/FC Rebel Jac's A Hammerin Dandy .  She has been hunted very little,  however has some pups out there that are great hunting companions.


​​​​​Lone Star Brittany's