​​​​​Lone Star Brittany's

About Us:

We are a small breeder, trying to help improve the breed, by breeding quality Brittany’s, and placing them in good hunting and/or competition homes. 

Between Springer’s & Brittany's we have been breeding quality gun dog's for over thirty years.  

We live in the middle of blue and bobwhite quail country, where a good bird dog is essential, and a good Brittany fulfills that need for many bird hunters. We welcome you to consider one of our pups or started dogs for your upland game bird hunting. 

We breed first for temperament.  What do you have, if you have the best bird dog in the county, and can’t enjoy it at home, or you spend more time hunting for your dog, than you do hunting birds.
Our dogs hunt for you!

Then, we breed for their natural abilities.  After that, we breed for dual purpose in our dogs. 

Many of our females have been daughters of  The All Time Great ; Nolan’s Last Bullet, that has won more championships in National Shoot To Retrieve than any other bird dog, competing against ALL Pointing Breeds! We also have other great females out of other national champions & hall of fame winners!

Many years ago, when I was a much younger man, an elderly gentlemen much wiser than I at the time, told me when talking about horses, “son it doesn’t take any more to feed a good horse than it does an ole nag;  I have tried to always consider that since then, when making decisions.  We feel like, we have some very good female dogs, however we are open  to upgrading our stock in order to have as good of bloodlines as we can obtain.

We welcome anyone to come and see our small operation,  just give us time to have a glass of tea or coffee made.  Okay! 

In our years with Brittany’s, we have met some of the nicest folks around, and if our paths cross,  I hope that you will feel that you have been treated the way you like to be treated!  We feel, blessed to have the opportunity to have met so many great folks.  

                              God Bless!
                         James L. Morriss